This is the cri-o daemon as a system container.

Building the image from source:

# git clone
# cd atomic-system-containers/cri-o
# docker build -t crio .

Running the system container, with the atomic CLI:

Pull from registry into ostree:

# atomic pull --storage ostree $REGISTRY/crio

Or alternatively, pull from local docker:

# atomic pull --storage ostree docker:crio:latest

Install the container:

Currently we recommend using --system-package=no to avoid having rpmbuild create an rpm file during installation. This flag will tell the atomic CLI to fall back to copying files to the host instead.

# atomic install --system --system-package=no --name=crio ($REGISTRY)/crio

Start as a systemd service:

# systemctl start crio

Stopping the service

# systemctl stop crio

Removing the container

# atomic uninstall crio