This is the docker daemon system container for Fedora systems based on the moby project. For more information refer to:

Note this only provides the daemon process, and does not include CLI tools. The current use case for this would be switching between different versions of docker by updating the container.

Building the image from source:

# git clone
# cd atomic-system-containers/docker-fedora
# docker build -t docker .

Running the system container, with the atomic CLI:

Pull from registry into ostree:

# atomic pull --storage ostree $REGISTRY/docker

Or alternatively, pull from local docker:

# atomic pull --storage ostree docker:docker:latest

Install the container:

Currently we recommend using --system-package=no to avoid having rpmbuild create an rpm file during installation. This flag will tell the atomic CLI to fall back to copying files to the host instead.

# atomic install --system --system-package=no --name=docker ($REGISTRY)/docker

Note that if you have the package docker locally, you would need to use another
name for the service (i.e. --name=docker-system-container, etc.)

Start as a systemd service:

# systemctl start docker

Stopping the service

# systemctl stop docker

Removing the container

# atomic uninstall docker