This container image is intended to be run as a system container with the atomic command line.

Building flannel container for fedora and atomic host:

# git clone https://github.com/projectatomic/atomic-system-containers
# cd atomic-system-containers/flannel
# docker build -t flannel .

Running as system container, with the atomic CLI:


  1. etcd must be running

  2. a network is configured in etcd

(example with etcd installed as a system container: runc exec etcd etcdctl set /atomic.io/network/config '{"Network":""}')

Pull from local docker into ostree:

#atomic pull --storage ostree docker:flannel

Install the container:

#atomic install --system flannel

Start as a systemd service:

#systemctl start flannel

Stopping the service

#systemctl stop flannel

Removing the container

#atomic uninstall flannel