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The greenwave package
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Greenwave - Service for making decisions based on test results


This container provides the Greenwave web application only. The application is stateless and does not require any volumes.


Create a directory or Docker volume to hold configuration for the Greenwave service. This volume should be mounted as /etc/greenwave inside the container. It must contain one file, You can find an example configuration in /usr/share/doc/greenwave/conf/ or view it online.

The default container entrypoint starts the web application on port 8080.

docker run -p 8080:8080 -v greenwave-config:/etc/greenwave:ro greenwave


FLASK_SECRET_KEY=<secret> Secret key used for various cryptographic purposes within the Flask framework. This value must be unique per deployment, and not disclosed to anyone. If this is set, it overrides any value provided in the SECRET_KEY setting in /etc/greenwave/


Greenwave project
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