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199b7f8 Reenable test_posix.test_fs_holes()

3 files Authored by vstinner 2 years ago, Committed by churchyard 2 years ago,
    Reenable test_posix.test_fs_holes()
    Since 2012, when the test was skipped from Python 3.3.0b1 (commit
    3b4dd24c42a177bd8bda0ebf127f199ef32364ef), Linux now have a good
    support for punching holes in filesystems.
    Only 00160-disable-test_fs_holes-in-rpm-build.patch and
    00163-disable-parts-of-test_socket-in-rpm-build.patch patches used
    @unittest._skipInRpmBuild @unittest._expectedFailureInRpmBuild
    decorators, but these 2 patches have been removed: remove
    00132-add-rpmbuild-hooks-to-unittest.patch and
    WITHIN_PYTHON_RPM_BUILD environment variable as well.
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