PrusaSlicer: 3D printing slicer optimized for Prusa printers

PrusaSlicer takes 3D models (STL, OBJ, AMF) and converts them into G-code instructions for FFF printers or PNG layers for mSLA 3D printers. It's compatible with any modern printer based on the RepRap toolchain, including all those based on the Marlin, Prusa, Sprinter and Repetier firmware. It also works with Mach3, LinuxCNC and Machinekit controllers.

PrusaSlicer is based on Slic3r by Alessandro Ranelucci and the RepRap community.

The maintainers of this package welcome community contributions. The specfile, while moderately complicated and with slightly unusual style, should be well commented and relatively easy to understand. Please feel free to send PRs, and provenpackagers should feel free to commit and build as needed. Please do send us a note if you need anything.