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ec65d2c spec: simplify docker-storage-setup install

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    spec: simplify docker-storage-setup install
    Now that all of the platforms default to overlay2 on fresh installs, we
    can simplify the spec file a lot wrt. docker-storage-setup.
    Note the 'STORAGE_DRIVER=overlay2' is already injected at %install time
    by `make install-docker`.
    This should work fine when upgrading installs with devicemapper since
    c-s-s now exits nicely if /etc/sysconfig/docker-storage already exists
    and specifies a different driver.
    The motivation for this patch is the fact that the `%posttrans` is not
    guaranteed to be run after `/etc/os-release` is ready depending on the
    RPM transaction ordering. See also:
    Based originally on a patch from:
    Colin Walters <>
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