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# Some miscellaneous Fedora-related macros

# List files matching inclusion globs, excluding files matching exclusion blogs
# Optional parameters:
#  – -i "<globs>" inclusion globs
#  – -x "<globs>" exclusion globs
# Globs are space-separated lists of shell globs. Such lists require %{quote:}
# use for safe rpm argument passing.
# Alternatively, set the following rpm variables before calling the macro:
#  – “listfiles_include” inclusion globs
#  — “listfiles_exclude” exclusion globs
# Arguments passed to the macro without flags will be interpreted as inclusion
# globs.
%listfiles(i:x:) %{expand:
while IFS= read -r finc ; do
  realpath -qe --relative-base=. "" %{?-x*} %{?listfiles_exclude} \\
    | sort -u | grep -q "${finc}" || echo "${finc}"
done <<< $(realpath -e --relative-base=. %{?-i*} %{?listfiles_include} %* | sort -u)

# Write the contents of a list of rpm variables to a macro file.
# The target file must contain the corresponding anchors.
# For example %writevars -f myfile foo bar will replace:
#  @@FOO@@ with the rpm evaluation of %{foo} and
#  @@BAR@@ with the rpm evaluation of %{bar}
# in myfile
%writevars(f:) %{lua:
local    fedora = require "fedora.common"
local macrofile = rpm.expand("%{-f*}")
local   rpmvars = {}
for i = 1, rpm.expand("%#") do
  table.insert(rpmvars, rpm.expand("%" .. i))

# gpgverify verifies signed sources. There is documentation in the script.
%gpgverify %{_rpmconfigdir}/redhat/gpgverify