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# Some miscellaneous Fedora-related macros

# A directory for rpm macros
%rpmmacrodir /usr/lib/rpm/macros.d

# A directory for spec template examples
%_spectemplatedir %{_datadir}/rpmdevtools/fedora

# A directory for appdata metainfo.  This has changed between releases so a
# macro is useful.
%_metainfodir %{_datadir}/metainfo

# A directory for SWID tag files describing the installation
%_swidtagdir %{_prefix}/lib/swidtag/

# An helper to apply the fedora.filterdescr filter to the content of an rpm
# variable, and print the result. Mandatory parameter:
#  – -v <variable_name>
# Putting multiple lines of UTF-8 text inside a variable is usually
# accomplished with an %{expand: some_text}.
%filterdescr(v:) %{lua:
local   fedora = require "fedora.common"
local variable = "%{" .. rpm.expand("%{-v*}") .."}"