115cc5d * Mon Apr 09 2007 Adam Jackson <ajax@redhat.com>

Authored and Committed by ajax 14 years ago
    * Mon Apr 09 2007 Adam Jackson <ajax@redhat.com>
    - xserver-1.3.0-pci-bus-count.patch: Allocate the PCI bus array dynamically,
      so as not to run off the end of it.
    - xserver-1.3.0-mmap-failure-check.patch: Check for failure when mmap'ing
      bus memory. (#234073)
    - xserver-1.3.0-rom-search.patch: Look for the sysfs ROM file in the (flat)
      /sys/bus/pci/devices tree, instead of the (bus-topological) /sys/devices,
      so we don't fail to find ROMs merely because they're behind a bridge.
    - xserver-1.3.0-no-pseudocolor-composite.patch: Refuse to initialize
      Composite when Render is missing or when the root window is using
      a pseudocolor visual. (#217388)
    - xserver-1.3.0-xnest-exposures.patch: Fix Motif app redraw in Xnest. (#229350)
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