382d04d * Thu Oct 27 2005 Mike A. Harris <mharris@redhat.com> 0.99.2-1

Authored and Committed by mharris 15 years ago
    * Thu Oct 27 2005 Mike A. Harris <mharris@redhat.com> 0.99.2-1
    - Update to xorg-server-0.99.2 from X11R7 RC1.
    - Add "BuildRequires: xorg-x11-util-macros >= 0.99.1".
    - Add "BuildRequires: mesa-source >= 6.4-4" for DRI builds.
    - Added dmx related utilities to Xdmx subpackage.
    - Individually list each X server module in file manifest.
    - Hack man1 manpages to be installed into man1x.
    - Add the following ./configure options --disable-dependency-tracking,
      --enable-composite, --enable-xtrap, --enable-xcsecurity, --enable-xevie,
      --enable-lbx, --enable-dri, --with-mesa-source, --with-module-dir,
      --with-os-name, --with-os-vendor, --with-xkb-output, --disable-xorgcfg
    - Added getconfig, scanpci et al to Xorg subpackage
    - Added inb, inl, inw, ioport, outboutl, outw, pcitweak utils to Xorg package
      conditionally, defaulting to "off".  These utilities are potentially
      dangerous and can physically damage hardware and/or destroy data, so are
      not shipped by default.
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