Setroubleshoot translations currently live in the following locations: - - contains translations for both stable (RHEL) and master (Fedora) branches - maintains large number of languages (several of which do not actually contain any translated strings) - updated by community and partially by RH localization effort - setroubleshoot source repositories ( and - is kept up-to-date with fedora.zanata How to update source files on fedora.zanata: $ git clone $ cd setroubleshoot/framework # Update Makefile $ ./ # generate new potfile $ cd po $ make setroubleshoot.pot # Repeat the process for plugins # Push potfiles to zanata $ zanata-cli push --push-type source How to pull new translations from zanata $ git clone $ cd setroubleshoot # Make sure "zanata.xml" file pointing to corresponding translations branch is present # Optionally update source files on zanata # Pull new translations from zanata $ zanata-cli -e pull --pull-type trans