794dc7 - update to latest upstream, mainly bug fix release Feature improvements

Authored and Committed by jdennis 9 years ago
    - update to latest upstream, mainly bug fix release Feature improvements
    Add radmin command "stats detail <file>" to see what is going on inside of
        a detail file reader.
    Added documentation for CoA. See raddb/sites-available/coa
    Add sub-option support for Option 82. See dictionary.dhcp
    Add "server" field to default SQL NAS table, and documented it.
    Bug fixes
    Reset "received ping" counter for Status-Server checks. In some corner
        cases it was not getting reset.
    Handle large VMPS attributes.
    Count accounting responses from a home server in SNMP / statistics code.
    Set EAP-Session-Resumed = Yes, not "No" when session is resumed.
    radmin packet counter statistics are now unsigned, for numbers
    2^31..2^32. After that they roll over to zero.
    Be more careful about expanding data in PAP and MS-CHAP modules. This
        prevents login failures when passwords contain '{'.
    Clean up zombie children if there were many "exec" modules being run for
        one packet, all with "wait = no".
    re-open log file after HUP. Closes bug #63.
    Fix "no response to proxied packet" complaint for Coa / Disconnect packets.
        It shouldn't ignore replies to packets it sent.
    Calculate IPv6 netmasks correctly. Closes bug #69.
    Fix SQL module to re-open sockets if they unexpectedly close.
    Track scope for IPv6 addresses. This lets us use link-local addresses
        properly. Closes bug #70.
    Updated Makefiles to no longer use the shell for recursing into subdirs.
        "make -j 2" should now work.
    Updated raddb/sql/mysql/ippool.conf to use "= NULL". Closes bug #75.
    Updated Makefiles so that "make reconfig" no longer uses the shell for
        recursing into subdirs, and re-builds all "configure" files.
    Used above method to regenerate all configure scripts. Closes bug #34.
    "". This means the same as it being NULL.
    Fixed regex realm example. Create Realm attribute with value of realm from
        User-Name, not from regex. Closes bug #40.
    If processing a DHCP Discover returns "fail / reject", ignore the packet
        rather than sending a NAK.
    Allow '%' to be escaped in sqlcounter module.
    Fix typo internal hash table.
    For PEAP and TTLS, the tunneled reply is added to the reply, rather than
        integrated via the operators. This allows multiple VSAs to be added,
        where they would previously be discarded.
    Make request number unsigned. This changes nothing other than the debug
        output when the server receives more than 2^31 packets.
    Don't block when reading child output in 'exec wait'. This means that
        blocked children get killed, instead of blocking the server.
    Enabled building without any proxy functionality
    radclient now prefers IPv4, to match the default server config.
    Print useful error when a realm regex is invalid
    relaxed rules for preprocess module "with_cisco_vsa_hack". The attributes
        can now be integer, ipaddr, etc. (i.e. non-string)
    Allow rlm_ldap to build if ldap_set_rebind_proc() has only
    2 arguments.
    Update configure script for rlm_python to avoid dynamic linking problems on
        some platforms.
    Work-around for bug #35
    Do suid to "user" when running in debug mode as root
    Make "allow_core_dumps" work in more situations.
    In detail file reader, treat bad records as EOF. This allows it to continue
        working when the disk is full.
    Fix Oracle default accounting queries to work when there are no gigawords
        attributes. Other databases already had the fix.
    Fix rlm_sql to show when it opens and closes sockets. It already says when
        it cannot connect, so it should say when it can connect.
    "chmod -x" for a few C source files.
    Pull update spec files, etc. from RedHat into the redhat/ directory.
    Allow spaces when parsing integer values. This helps people who put "too
        much" into an SQL value field.
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