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[Autolink]( is a Java library to extract links such as URLs and email addresses from plain text. It's smart about where a link ends, such as with trailing punctuation.
[Flexmark-java]( is a Java [CommonMark]( (spec 0.28) parser using the blocks first, inlines after Markdown parsing architecture. Its strengths are speed, flexibility, Markdown source element based AST with details of the source position down to individual characters of lexemes that make up the element and extensibility. The API allows granular control of the parsing process and is optimized for parsing with a large number of installed extensions. The parser and extensions come with plenty of options for parser behavior and HTML rendering variations. The end goal is to have the parser and renderer be able to mimic other parsers with great degree of accuracy. This is now partially complete with the implementation of [Markdown Processor Emulation](
The jetbrains-annotations rpms