Atomic Host

Atomic Host is a lightweight, immutable platform, designed with the sole purpose of running containerized applications.

The atomic module

The atomic module defines the package set required for running a fully featured, module-based Atomic Host. Unlike Host & Platform, the module is not split into userspace and hardware-enabling parts. Instead, it's a well integrated, faster moving module capable of booting on various configurations, running as an OSTree image and managing containerized applications.

atomic builds against bootstrap & shim and requires shim at runtime.

Only one stream with rolling updates will be supported. Since no other modules build against atomic, the module technically doesn't need a stable API. The platform module will provide the base container image for applications (modules) running on top of Atomic Host.

Initial development

The initial proof-of-concept module was put together using the Host & Platform tools:

The content definition lists packages that define Atomic Host, along with SRPM and architecture availability hints. This user-curated input is then passed to the package lists & module generators that resolve dependencies using a Host & Platform development Rawhide snapshot repodata. The resolved per-architecture package lists are then merged, the matching dist-git commits found and the modulemd file included in this repo is generated.

To fetch the latest modulemd file, simply invoke make update in this repository.

Long-term plans

To be done.