#8 Set proper python-aexpect and python-avocado package stream branches for 82LTS
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Unknown source 82lts  into  82lts

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+2 -4
@@ -6,8 +6,6 @@

    description: >-

      Avocado is a set of tools and libraries (what people call

      these days a framework) to perform automated testing.

-     This is the 'latest' rolling stream that tracks with the

-     most recent upstream release.



      - MIT
@@ -53,10 +51,10 @@



          rationale: A python library to control interactive applications needed by avocado

-         ref: latest

+         ref: stable

          buildorder: 10


          rationale: Framework with tools and libraries for Automated Testing

-         ref: latest

+         ref: 82lts

          buildorder: 20


/CC @cleber

Note: Despite numerous tries, I haven't been able to get a successful scratch module build due to that odd module-build-macros build problem that fails with a GenericError: Build already in progress (task xxxxxxxx) message.

Yes, LGTM. 82lts should track stable and not latest. Thanks!

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