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Fedora's repository for package maintenance.

Welcome, if you're looking to download software to run, look at https://getfedora.org/, or a Fedora Mirror. You can also find source RPMs for Fedora-packaged software there. The source code for building those packages is found here.

If you are looking for RPM spec files, module and container definitions, Fedora-specific patches, tests, and so on, you're in the right place. You can browse packages and packagers — and you can fork, improve, and submit pull requests.

If you are already a package maintainer, feel free to consult the docs on using pagure. If you'd like to become a package maintainer, see this guide.

Note that package issues are still tracked in Bugzilla, not with Pagure's issue feature.

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These Packages are under the `containers` namespace making them likely related to the containers group.

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