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    Ticket 49969 - DOS caused by malformed search operation (security fix)
    Ticket 49943 - rfc3673_all_oper_attrs_test is not strict enough
    Ticket 49915 - Master ns-slapd had 100% CPU usage after starting replication and replication cannot finish
    Ticket 49963 - ASAN build fails on F28
    Ticket 49947 - Coverity Fixes
    Ticket 49958 - extended search fail to match entries
    Ticket 49928 - WebUI schema functionality and improve CLI part
    Ticket 49954 - On s390x arch retrieved DB page size is stored as size_t rather than uint32_t
    Ticket 49928 - Refactor and improve schema CLI/lib389 part to DSLdapObject
    Ticket 49926 - Fix replication tests on 1.3.x
    Ticket 49926 - Add replication functionality to dsconf
    Ticket 49887 - Clean up thread local usage
    Ticket 49937 - Log buffer exceeded emergency logging msg is not thread-safe (security fix)
    Ticket 49866 - fix typo in cos template in pwpolicy subtree create
    Ticket 49930 - Correction of the existing fixture function names to remove test_ prefix
    Ticket 49932 - Crash in delete_passwdPolicy when persistent search connections are terminated unexpectedly
    Ticket 48053 - Add attribute encryption test cases
    Ticket 49866 - Refactor PwPolicy lib389/CLI module
    Ticket 49877 - Add log level functionality to UI
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