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Name:           90-Second-Portraits
Version:        1.01b
Release:        3%{?dist}
Summary:        Frantic street painting game

#See LICENSE file in source for details
#All code is zlib excluding slam.lua, which is MIT
#All assets are CC-BY-SA 4.0, excluding music, which is CC-BY 3.0
License:        zlib and MIT and CC-BY-SA and CC-BY
#Patch for appdata, manpage, execution script, and desktop file
Patch0:         %{name}-appdata.patch

BuildRequires:  desktop-file-utils
BuildRequires:  libappstream-glib
BuildArch:      noarch
Requires:       love

# List the arches that love builds on prior to f28
%if 0%{?fedora} < 28
ExclusiveArch: %{arm} %{ix86} x86_64 %{mips} aarch64 ppc64

#From the website (see URL above)
90 Second Portraits is a silly speed painting game developed for Ludum Dare 31
Jam competition. Time is money and you have neither! In 90 SECOND PORTRAITS
you’re paying the bills by speed painting portraits of bypassing customers!
You have 90 seconds to paint the customer and his/her preferred background!
Your work day ends after 5 customers!

%autosetup -c -p1
sed -i 's/VERSION/%{version}/g' appdata/%{name}.6

#love "binary" files are just zipped sources, but should exclude appdata/docs
zip -r %{name}.love . -x appdata/* -x appdata/ -x *.txt -x *.md

#Install love file
install -p -D -m 0644 %{name}.love \
#Install execution script
install -p -D -m 0755 appdata/%{name} \
#Install manpage
install -p -D -m 0644 appdata/%{name}.6 \
#Install appdata.xml and verify
install -p -D -m 0644 appdata/%{name}.appdata.xml \
appstream-util validate-relax --nonet \
#Install desktop, icon:
desktop-file-install \
  --dir %{buildroot}%{_datadir}/applications \
install -p -D -m 0644 data/images/title_background.png \

%doc CREDITS.txt
%license LICENSE.txt

* Sat Mar 17 2018 Jeremy Newton <alexjnewt at hotmail dot com> - 1.01b-3
- Prepare backport to all fedora branches
- Properly exclude appdata folder from binary

* Fri Mar 16 2018 Jeremy Newton <alexjnewt at hotmail dot com> - 1.01b-2
- Fix license and use license macro
- Move some documentation to correct location

* Fri Mar 16 2018 Jeremy Newton <alexjnewt at hotmail dot com> - 1.01b-1
- Initial package