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%global packname  filehash
%global rlibdir  %{_libdir}/R/library

Name:             R-%{packname}
Version:          2.4.1
Release:          3%{?dist}
Summary:          Simple Key-Value Database

License:          GPLv2+
URL:    {packname}/index.html

# Here's the R view of the dependencies world:
# Depends:   R-methods
# Imports:
# Suggests:
# LinkingTo:
# Enhances:

Requires:         R-methods

BuildRequires:    R-devel tex(latex)
BuildRequires:    R-methods

Implements a simple key-value style database where character string keys
are associated with data values that are stored on the disk. A simple
interface is provided for inserting, retrieving, and deleting data from
the database. Utilities are provided that allow 'filehash' databases to be
treated much like environments and lists are already used in R. These
utilities are provided to encourage interactive and exploratory analysis
on large datasets. Three different file formats for representing the
database are currently available and new formats can easily be
incorporated by third parties for use in the 'filehash' framework.

%setup -q -c -n %{packname}


mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{rlibdir}
%{_bindir}/R CMD INSTALL -l %{buildroot}%{rlibdir} %{packname}
test -d %{packname}/src && (cd %{packname}/src; rm -f *.o *.so)
rm -f %{buildroot}%{rlibdir}/R.css

%{_bindir}/R CMD check %{packname}

%dir %{rlibdir}/%{packname}
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/doc
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/html
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/CITATION
%license %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/COPYING
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/NEWS

* Wed May 16 2018 Tom Callaway <> - 2.4.1-3
- rebuild for R 3.5.0

* Wed Feb 07 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.4.1-2
- Rebuilt for

* Mon Nov 06 2017 Elliott Sales de Andrade <> 2.4.1-1
- initial package for Fedora