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%global packname keyring
%global packver  1.1.0
%global rlibdir  %{_libdir}/R/library

Name:             R-%{packname}
Version:          1.1.0
Release:          1%{?dist}
Summary:          Access the System Credential Store from R

License:          MIT
URL:    {packname}

# Here's the R view of the dependencies world:
# Depends:
# Imports:   R-assertthat, R-getPass, R-openssl, R-R6, R-utils, R-sodium, R-yaml, R-filelock, R-rappdirs, R-tools
# Suggests:  R-callr, R-covr, R-mockery, R-testthat, R-withr
# LinkingTo:
# Enhances:

BuildRequires:    R-devel
BuildRequires:    tex(latex)
BuildRequires:    R-assertthat
BuildRequires:    R-getPass
BuildRequires:    R-openssl
BuildRequires:    R-R6
BuildRequires:    R-utils
BuildRequires:    R-sodium
BuildRequires:    R-yaml
BuildRequires:    R-filelock
BuildRequires:    R-rappdirs
BuildRequires:    R-tools
BuildRequires:    R-callr
BuildRequires:    R-mockery
BuildRequires:    R-testthat
BuildRequires:    R-withr
BuildRequires:    pkgconfig(libsecret-1)

Platform independent API to access the operating system's credential store.
Currently supports: Keychain on macOS, Credential Store on Windows, the Secret
Service API on Linux, and a simple, platform independent store implemented with
environment variables. Additional storage back-ends can be added easily.

%setup -q -c -n %{packname}

# Don't need coverage; it's not packaged either.
sed -i 's/covr, //g' %{packname}/DESCRIPTION


mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{rlibdir}
%{_bindir}/R CMD INSTALL -l %{buildroot}%{rlibdir} %{packname}
test -d %{packname}/src && (cd %{packname}/src; rm -f *.o *.so)
rm -f %{buildroot}%{rlibdir}/R.css

%{_bindir}/R CMD check %{packname}

%dir %{rlibdir}/%{packname}
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/html
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/
%doc %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/
%license %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/LICENSE
%dir %{rlibdir}/%{packname}/libs

* Fri Jun 26 2020 Elliott Sales de Andrade <> - 1.1.0-1
- initial package for Fedora