1a03ede - Fix the custom accelerators in custom partitioning (#1118999) (dshea)

Authored and Committed by bcl 6 years ago
    - Fix the custom accelerators in custom partitioning (#1118999) (dshea)
    - Revert "Reset dnf package sack" (bcl)
    - Ignore the home directory setting if no change was requested (#1119900)
    - Set an upper limit on uids and gids. (dshea)
    - Remove the "Create a home directory" checkbox (dshea)
    - Fix a typo: inital -> initial (mkolman)
    - Don't create the configured.ini file (#1119166) (mkolman)
    - zRAM swap for Anaconda (vpodzime)
    - Split kickstart arg handling (bcl)
    - Update icon names used within python code. (dshea)
    - Add a check for whether icons used in glade files are valid (dshea)
    - Load icons by name instead of stock-id. (dshea)
    - Remove extra list() call with no effect (vpodzime)
    - Add NetworkManager-wifi dependency for the GUI subpackage (#1111417)
    - Python's octals changed; mount's didn't. (pjones)
    - Add a basic test for ostree-based installs. (clumens)
    - Print out exceptions at log level critical. (clumens)
    - Rename environment variables in run_gui_tests.sh. (clumens)
    - Rename gui/runtest.sh to fit in with the other test names. (clumens)
    - Write the grub config even on errors (#1114774) (bcl)
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