779b0f7 - Show help also when alt+F1 is pressed (mkolman)

Authored and Committed by Samantha N. Bueno 6 years ago
    - Show help also when alt+F1 is pressed (mkolman)
    - Support display of the custom mnemonics on the help button (mkolman)
    - Activate the built-in help when F1 is pressed (mkolman)
    - Specify help file names for hubs and spokes (mkolman)
    - Add a help button to every Anaconda screen (mkolman)
    - Don't attempt terminal size detection on the s390 (#1145065) (mkolman)
    - Fix Welcome spoke not showing up during kickstart installation (#1147943)
    - Clear the list of watched PIDs before exiting. (#1146708) (dshea)
    - Avoid the possibility of size variables being unset (#1146585) (dshea)
    - Adapt to corrected interpetation of logvol --percent. (#1146156) (dlehman)
    - Handle cancellation of new container creation. (dlehman)
    - Reflect previous custom/autopart selection in the storage spoke. (#1144520)
    - Clear out custom storage ksdata after first attempt to apply it. (#1144560)
    - Pass size as Size when adjusting container after device removal. (#1141707)
    - Handle 0's returned by Gdk (dshea)
    - When running on HiDPI monitors, scale anaconda by a factor of 2 (dshea)
    - Highlight languages in langsupport that contain selected locales (dshea)
    - Add a wrapper function for GtkTreeViewColumn.set_cell_data_func (dshea)
    - Clear the kickstart password if cleared by the user (#1133185) (dshea)
    - Remove inactive languages from LINGUAS. (dshea)
    - Use suggested-action on more buttons (#1131254) (dshea)
    - Filter empty comps groups from both specific and generic lists (dshea)
    - Use one thread for payload setup. (dshea)
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