80d25cc - Add an option to copy translation files to an updates.img (dshea)

Authored and Committed by bcl 6 years ago
    - Add an option to copy translation files to an updates.img (dshea)
    - Set the selinux state from the command line (#784828) (dshea)
    - Remove a whole bunch of pylint false positives (dshea)
    - Ignore more informational messages printed by pylint pragmas (dshea)
    - Use more wildcards in the tests dist_ variable (dshea)
    - Make sure the idx variable is used instead of the old found variable
    - Disable a false positive from pylint (dshea)
    - Only run dialogs in the enlightbox context (vpodzime)
    - Separate code for finding item in containers combo and processing it
    - Check Update Settings button sensitivity when saving changes in one place
    - Only save changes if needed when adding mountpoint (vpodzime)
    - No need to call bool() on a boolean expression result (vpodzime)
    - Give names to some magic tuples, make them reusable and reuse them (vpodzime)
    - Add DEVICE_TYPE_DISK's text description to the mapping (vpodzime)
    - Move a few constants and mappings to the storage_utils module (vpodzime)
    - Split long label's string into two lines (vpodzime)
    - Don't rely on the ordering of autopart types in the combobox (vpodzime)
    - Only save changes if there are any changes to be saved (vpodzime)
    - Add device type constants to the device type combobox's store (vpodzime)
    - Change some anaconda-yum DEBUGs to be more informative (bcl)
    - Change Proxy Add Button to Ok (bcl)
    - Display a message for missing required packages and groups (#1064565) (dshea)
    - Fix issues with the errorHandler callback arguments (dshea)
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