a1806a1 - Change our docs that are close to ReST to proper ReST (vpodzime)

Authored and Committed by Samantha N. Bueno 6 years ago
    - Change our docs that are close to ReST to proper ReST (vpodzime)
    - Run restorecon on /etc/hostname (#1133368) (bcl)
    - Add authconfig and firewalld packages when used in ks (#1147687) (bcl)
    - Allow kickstart with no method (#972265) (bcl)
    - Fix a typo from 73d3a8e5. (sbueno+anaconda)
    - Respect both ways how to disable bootloader installation (vpodzime)
    - Don't care about crash args in bootloader (#1116323) (vpodzime)
    - Add nombr to anaconda to suppress updating MBR (#886502) (gczarcinski)
    - Use translated versions of the AM/PM strings consistently (vpodzime)
    - Import GUI-specific stuff only when running GUI in entropy handling
    - Always store the information about display mode in ksdata (vpodzime)
    - Make the date format locale-dependent in our GUI (#1044233) (vpodzime)
    - A function for resolving date format and order (vpodzime)
    - Reorganize the right side of the Custom spoke (#1094856) (vpodzime)
    - Move _verifyLUKSDevicesHaveKey to Anaconda's codebase (vpodzime)
    - Add support for thin pool profile specification in kickstart (vpodzime)
    - Fix file name of the entropy dialog in POTFILES.in (vpodzime)
    - Require minimum random data entropy when creating LUKS (#1073679) (vpodzime)
    - Give blivet callbacks for reporting partitioning progress (vpodzime)
    - Split localed's converted layouts and variants (#1073825) (vpodzime)
    - Create free space snapshot before doing custom->autopart (vpodzime)
    - Specify thin pool metadata/chunk size only if given by user (#1140635)
    - Distribute the right docs files (vpodzime)
    - Don't automatically select environments for kickstart installs (#1018226)
    - Initialize the GUI lock in a way that doesn't break the API (dshea)
    - Don't check enabledPlugins if plugins are not yet enabled (#1142544) (dshea)
    - Really fix an enlightbox call. (dshea)
    - Don't strip accents from the user-inputted keyboard string (dshea)
    - Convert strings to unicode in have_word_match (#1146581) (dshea)
    - Switch to using the new help content path (#1072033) (mkolman)
    - Fix a race between checking for Gtk.main_level and running Gtk.main (dshea)
    - Allow recursive lightbox calls (#1147337) (dshea)
    - Disable the ntp service with --nontp (#1135768) (dshea)
    - Ignore partition start if there is a biosboot partition (#1044849) (bcl)
    - Require a larger /boot (#1129629). (clumens)
    - Remove duplicates when adding new devices (#887526) (bcl)
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