c9412a1 New version 34.14-1

Authored and Committed by m4rtink 2 months ago
    New version 34.14-1
    - Set workflow temp mail and user to GH actions rebase (jkonecny)
    - Rebase test pull request also for rhel-8 contributors (jkonecny)
    - Build Anaconda for ELN (jkonecny)
    - Create the get_kernel_version_list function for the DNF payload (vponcova)
    - Create the sort_kernel_version_list function (vponcova)
    - Move the unit tests for the payload base utils to a new file (vponcova)
    - Remove the duplicate code for kernel version lists (vponcova)
    - Move the get_kernel_version_list function to the Live OS utilities (vponcova)
    - network: do not use dialog for just single wireless connection to configure
    - Add the apply_specs function (vponcova)
    - Add the get_installation_specs function (vponcova)
    - Add the get_default_environment function (vponcova)
    - Add the environments property to the DNF manager (vponcova)
    - Set the RPM macros with an installation task (vponcova)
    - network: fix configuration of wireless networks (rvykydal)
    - Rebase branches to current master before testing (mpitt)
    - network: use dialog instead of combobox to select wireless network (rvykydal)
    - network: deal with obsolete ssid when configuring wireless (rvykydal)
    - network: use function instead of assigned lambda in wireless activation
    - network: do not update wireless AP combo active item when not necessary
    - network: do not use obsolete access points in wireless configuration
    - Add upstream tag hint for Packit (jkonecny)
    - Create an installation task for import of RPM keys (vponcova)
    - Remove leftover bootloader-related code from the Payloads service (vponcova)
    - Add workflow for daily RHEL COPR build (mpitt)
    - Remove the storage logger (vponcova)
    - Remove the loglevel option (vponcova)
    - Remove the support for changing the log level (vponcova)
    - Handle missing spice-vdagent (#1897153) (vponcova)
    - rhbz#1888697 list important major languages (suanand)
    - Run master tests on Fedora ELN (mpitt)
    - Fix handling of empty $CI_TAG (mpitt)
    - Skip blivet-gui tests on Fedora ELN (mpitt)
    - Drop obsolete id: from validate workflow (mpitt)
    - Create the get_download_size method (vponcova)
    - Create the get_installation_size method (vponcova)
    - Create the dump_configuration method (vponcova)
    - Create the configure_base function (vponcova)
    - Create the configure_proxy method (vponcova)
    - Create an abstraction of the DNF base (vponcova)
    - Create the configure_dnf_logging function (vponcova)
    - Create the get_os_release_value function (vponcova)
    - Create the get_product_release_version function (vponcova)
    - Drop testing in mock (mpitt)
    - Remove the method command (vslavik)
    - Fix incomplete configuration of repositories loaded from treeinfo (#1745064)
    - Fix checking ssl certificate for metadata (#1745064) (honza.stodola)
    - Root password is mandatory if there is *not* admin user. (rvykydal)
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