e3d8fd3 - Chain up to parent size_allocate functions in our standalone widgets.

Authored and Committed by bcl 6 years ago
    - Chain up to parent size_allocate functions in our standalone widgets.
    - Format the help text to properly fit to the terminal window (mkolman)
    - Call getPossiblePhysicalExtents() only once (vpodzime)
    - Default PE size to blivet's default when requested from kickstart (#1098139)
    - A couple of anaconda whitespace fixes (mkolman)
    - Replace the deprecated has_key() by in (mkolman)
    - Disable pylint errors on NetworkData in the new network_test.py. (clumens)
    - Tweak borders on the filter UI. (clumens)
    - network: add tests (rvykydal)
    - network: don't use ifcfg PREFIX when generating ipv6 dracut args (rvykydal)
    - network: cleanup - remove ksdevice variable (rvykydal)
    - Horizontally center the user creation spoke contents. (clumens)
    - Un-indent the reclaim space checkbox. (clumens)
    - Remove the RAID page from the filter UI. (clumens)
    - install -> installation in a string on the source spoke. (clumens)
    - Switch Anaconda to argparse (mkolman)
    - rpmostreepayload: Use systemd-tmpfiles rather than handrolling mkdir
    - Add some padding to the custom partitioning note. (dshea)
    - Wrap the custom partitioning note (#1031850) (dshea)
    - Make an ostree string easier for translators to deal with. (clumens)
    - Fix the gettext warnings test for VPATH builds (dshea)
    - network: fix crash on empty ksdevice boot option (#1096846) (rvykydal)
    - Add RPMOSTreePayload (walters)
    - bootloader: Allow extlinux loader configuration to handle RPMOSTreePayload
      case (walters)
    - install: Handle distinct physical root/sysroot (walters)
    - parse-kickstart: drop "mtu=" args (wwoods)
    - Drop workaround for old dracut BOOTIF+ip problem (wwoods)
    - Fix behavior (and docs) for ks=nfs:<path>/ (#1094645) (wwoods)
    - Allow non-ASCII characters in passwords (#960837) (dshea)
    - Use a separate label for passphrase warnings. (dshea)
    - Move more of the passphrase dialog into the glade file. (dshea)
    - Don't add redundant grub installs if stage1 is not a disk (dshea)
    - Let the user continue on bootloader errors (#1006304) (bcl)
    - Fix the parsing of NFS addon URLs (#966240) (dshea)
    - Remove redundant import (mkolman)
    - Don't overwrite function argument when parsing help texts (mkolman)
    - Return CLI help text at once (mkolman)
    - Fix typo in previous commit adjusting to blivet API change. (dlehman)
    - Adjust for movement of functions from examples into blivet proper. (dlehman)
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