e7f0daf New version 34.21-1

Authored and Committed by m4rtink 5 months ago
    New version 34.21-1
    - Allow to disable the Security module (vponcova)
    - Add important files for container build to rebuild check (jkonecny)
    - Avoid using DockerHub because of limits (jkonecny)
    - anaconda should add only s390utils-core (dan)
    - Fix root password and LUKS passphrase visibility toggle (#1911360) (mkolman)
    - Fix the should_run methods of the network spoke (vponcova)
    - Prevent shell injection from a /kickstart-test comment (jkonecny)
    - network: validate bond options on our side after change in NM (#1918744)
    - network: fix bond confiuration for empty bond options (#1918744) (rvykydal)
    - Allow to disable the Services module (vponcova)
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