#5 Move flatpak-libs to anaconda-gui
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@@ -100,7 +100,6 @@ 

  Requires: python3-systemd

  Requires: python3-pydbus

  Requires: python3-productmd

- Requires: flatpak-libs


  # pwquality only "recommends" the dictionaries it needs to do anything useful,

  # which is apparently great for containers but unhelpful for the rest of us
@@ -203,6 +202,7 @@ 

  Requires: yelp

  Requires: blivet-gui-runtime >= %{blivetguiver}

  Requires: system-logos

+ Requires: flatpak-libs


  # Needed to compile the gsettings files

  BuildRequires: gsettings-desktop-schemas

flatpack-libs should only be needed with a desktop/gui. It also pulls in a few packages not needed elsewhere, like gsettings-desktop-schemas.
The pull request moves the Requires from anaconda-core to anaconda-gui.


No, I disagree here.

The point is that you can use this solution for every kind of installation. You can even have the Silverblue installer image without a gui. It's not created officially but there is no reason to not create that by a user.
Another thing is that there is a plan to support flatpaks even by the Fedora Workstation and everything else which would like to support the flatpaks in the future. In that case this would only post-pone the problem not solve it.
The third reason is that implementation is not bound to GUI at all. So moving the dependency will be just wrong reflection of the truth.

If you don't like the pulled dependencies then please create a PR to make flatpak-libs only a library. I don't see a reason to have gsettings-desktop-schemas as libs dependency.

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4 years ago

Thank you for your explanation. After hearing it, I agree with you.

Your welcome.

Thanks for pointing that out. I didn't knew it's pulling that kind of package dependencies.

Looks like it goes beyond flatpack.

flatpack requires libsoup
libsoup requires glib-networking
glib-networking requires gsettings-desktop-schemas

But .. again, thanks for the explanation. I'll look into seeing why glib-networking feels it needs the package.