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%global appname com.github.donadigo.appeditor

Name:           appeditor
Summary:        Edit application menu
Version:        1.1.0
Release:        4%{?dist}
License:        LGPLv2+

URL:  {name}
Source0:        %{url}/archive/%{version}/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz

# simple patch to fix compilation with newer vala versions
Patch0:         00-fix-vala-issues.patch

BuildRequires:  desktop-file-utils
BuildRequires:  gettext
BuildRequires:  libappstream-glib
BuildRequires:  meson
BuildRequires:  vala

BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(gee-0.8)
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(granite)
BuildRequires:  pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0)

Requires:       contractor
Requires:       hicolor-icon-theme

AppEditor allows you to edit application entries in the application menu. Some
of it's features include:

- Hide and show applications from the application menu
- Create new application entries
- Change application's display name, icon and more

%autosetup -p1



%find_lang %{appname}

desktop-file-validate \

appstream-util validate-relax --nonet \

%files -f %{appname}.lang



* Sat Nov 02 2019 Fabio Valentini <> - 1.1.0-4
- Include a simple patch to fix compilation with newer vala versions.

* Wed Jul 24 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.1.0-3
- Rebuilt for

* Thu Jan 31 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.1.0-2
- Rebuilt for

* Sat Sep 01 2018 Fabio Valentini <> - 1.1.0-1
- Initial package for fedora.