#3 Update rawhide to upstream release 2.7.12
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+ /apt-2.7.12.tar.gz

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  This repository is maintained by packit.


- The file was generated using packit 0.90.0.

+ The file was generated using packit 0.92.0.

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  %bcond_with check_integration


  Name:           apt

- Version:        2.7.11

+ Version:        2.7.12

  Release:        1%{?dist}

  Summary:        Command-line package manager for Debian packages

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  %doc %{_docdir}/%{name}-utils



+ * Tue Feb 20 2024 Packit <hello@packit.dev> - 2.7.12-1

+ - Release 2.7.12 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Release 2.7.12 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Move systemd units to /usr/lib (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - test-snapshot: Add test case for automatic snapshot (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - test-snapshot: Fix a test case (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Delete SHADOWED metaIndex if we don't actually use snapshots (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Automatically enable snapshots where supported (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Modernize standard library includes (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Bump Ubuntu apt-key deprecation notice to 24.04 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Release 2.7.11 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Show a separate list of upgrades deferred due to phasing (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Add the ?security pattern (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Add a new ?phasing pattern (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Add public phased update API (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - For phasing, check if current version is a security update, not just previous ones (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Add documentation of autoremove to apt.conf (5) (Wesley Schwengle)

+ - Fix bug where ./git-clang-format.sh errors incorrectly (Wesley Schwengle)

+ - Configure the amount of kernels to keep (Wesley Schwengle)

+ - Support -a for setting host architecture in apt-get source -b (David Kalnischkies)

+ - Remove erroneous -a flag from apt-get synopsis in manpage (David Kalnischkies)

+ - Release 2.7.10 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Add Conflicts: apt-verify (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - pkgcachegen: Use placement new to construct header (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Release 2.7.9 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Document 'dist-clean' (Gábor Németh)

+ - CI: Pull from testing, unstable broken atm (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Accept file system disorder in test-ignored-files (David Kalnischkies)

+ - Typos in integration tests (Gábor Németh)

+ - Release 2.7.8 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Revert "Merge branch 'distclean-doc-an-test' into 'main'" (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - test: Disable valgrind on armhf, incompatible with stack clash protector (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Do not store .diff_Index files in update (David Kalnischkies)

+ - Improve and test distclean implementation (David Kalnischkies)

+ - Prevent infinite loop in `ReadConfigFile` (Adam Saponara)

+ - apt.8: summarise remaining verbs (Closes: #827785) (наб)

+ - Test and document 'dist-clean' (Gábor Németh)

+ - Add 'dist-clean' to 'apt-get' too (Gábor Németh)

+ - Do not silently ignore directories for reserved file names (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - apt-pkg/cacheset.cc: set ShowErrors to true when no version matched (Tianyu Chen)

+ - Have Grp.FindPreferredPkg return very foreign pkgs as last resort (David Kalnischkies)

+ - apt-key: remove carriage returns from armored keyrings before dearmoring (Kenyon Ralph)

+ - Release 2.7.7 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Fix the test suite by adding new "m" flags to debug output (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Add 'dist-clean' command to remove packages and list files (Gábor Németh)

+ - Restore ?garbage by calling MarkAndSweep before parsing (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Use different variable name in GTest source path detection (David Kalnischkies)

+ - Raise cmake_minimum_required to 3.13 to avoid warnings (David Kalnischkies)

+ - Dutch program translation update (Frans Spiesschaert)

+ - Bump Priority to required to match Debian archive (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - s/AlreadDownloaded/AlreadyDownloaded/ in doc/progress-reporting.md (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Revert "Do not fail on systems running in FIPSmode." (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Stop calculating Description-md5 if missing (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Release 2.7.6 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Downgrade unmerged-usr from error to two warnings (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Portuguese manpages translation update (Américo Monteiro)

+ - Release 2.7.5 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - doc/po/nl.po: Fix spurious translation of docbook tag (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Release 2.7.4 (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - updated German translation (Helge Kreutzmann)

+ - Dutch documentation translation update (Frans Spiesschaert)

+ - Dutch translation update (Frans Spiesschaert)

+ - Remove unnecessary explicit st_dev check for merged-usr (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Drop alternatives to the gpgv dependency (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Only accept installs of usrmerge on unmerged-usr systems (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - methods: store: Use APT_BUFFER_SIZE (64k) instead of 4k buffers (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Update fr.po (add a missing dot) (Patrice Duroux)

+ - CI: Do not require UID 1000 for our test user (Julian Andres Klode)

+ - Fix incorrect time unit comment for PulseInterval (sid)

+ - Resolves rhbz#2257250


  * Tue Feb 13 2024 Sérgio M. Basto <sergio@serjux.com> - 2.7.11-1

  - Release 2.7.11 (Julian Andres Klode)

  - Show a separate list of upgrades deferred due to phasing (Julian Andres Klode)

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- SHA512 (apt-2.7.11.tar.gz) = 0be6adce710ee3af21cddb04b641449a34ef83bf8cce1012442d84ac076258155d0e4fd199cc4184d6649bd946c20e0880e78f8a5e0c045a0b2eacd059e0fb48

+ SHA512 (apt-2.7.12.tar.gz) = 3e303af970faeee82ed62d511fec83f97d95c3a2332564a8fcd38593185416d6a84eea1cca338e315f6e9d996d28bf6f83f4ca47b7c8830db5fa2cb34447a168

Upstream tag: 2.7.12
Upstream commit: 1e6c5ed2
Release monitoring project: 7208
Resolves rhbz#2257250

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git clone ssh://$YOUR_USER@pkgs.fedoraproject.org/forks/packit/rpms/apt.git
cd apt
git checkout 2.7.12-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream
git push origin 2.7.12-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream

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cd apt
git remote add packit ssh://$YOUR_USER@pkgs.fedoraproject.org/forks/packit/rpms/apt.git
git fetch packit refs/heads/2.7.12-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream
git checkout 2.7.12-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream
git push packit 2.7.12-rawhide-update-pull_from_upstream

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  • check the autogenerated changelog

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/packit koji_build scratch=true

Hmm, I wonder why the alternate language man pages are no longer installed.

I'm waiting for new release of po4a and the fix of https://github.com/mquinson/po4a/issues/477 after the fix of https://github.com/mquinson/po4a/issues/475

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