Several issues came up during packaging argus for Fedora Extras: 1. the contrib/ subdirectory of the Argus clients source package contains a PERL module, which causes a dependency on PERL, even though the contrib directory was added using %doc, and even though no executable bits were set. Here is a fix, suggested by dgregor on #fedora-extras: dgregor # Filter unwanted Requires: dgregor cat << \EOF > %{name}-req dgregor #!/bin/sh dgregor %{__perl_provides} $* | sed -e '/.*/d' dgregor EOF dgregor %define __perl_requires %{_builddir}/%{name}-%{version}/%{name}-req dgregor chmod +x %{__perl_requires} dgregor It seems like overkill, but everything else I tried get the broken pipe error Currently I'm hoping for a fix to rpmbuild, allowing something like '%doc(nodeps) foo' in a spec file. If that doesn't pan out, the above solution will do the trick. Alternatively, creating a perl-Argus rpm from the material in contrib is a possibility. 2. aside from build and makefile patches (fixing gcc 4.0.2 and DESTDIR issues, respectively), I added an output formatting patch from Peter Van Epp <> which can be found on the Argus mailing list archives ( This and other fixes will be incorporated upstream into a new release, as indicated by Argus's author on the list.