This package provides the full collection of test programs to validate the functionality of ATF, including all of its libraries and tools. Because the Linux Standard Base does not recognize a /usr/tests/ directory (the standard location for ATF-based tests), the Fedora ATF packages place its own test suite within the libexec hierarchy. In particular, such tests can be found in /usr/libexec/atf/tests/ . In order to execute these tests, you need to go into the directory and use either kyua(1) (provided by the kyua-cli package) or atf-run(1) to run them. It is highly recommended that you use kyua(1) instead of atf-run(1), as the latter is deprecated in favor of the former. As an example, you can simply do the following to run the full test suite: $ kyua test -k /usr/libexec/atf/tests/Kyuafile Or, using the deprecated tools: $ cd /usr/libexec/atf/tests/ $ atf-run | atf-report