Pulse Audio daemon's "flat-volumes = yes" is a bad default. Work-around
for the blasting noise mentioned below is to set "flat-volumes = no".

Pulse Audio noise when stopping/changing currently playing track: - loud "woof" when closing a player - Closing the last stream on an ALSA sink causes distortion - Loud noise for pa_stream_flush()

20100612: scrobbler/ plugin is back in hg (post-2.4-alpha1)

20100519: icecast plugin removed / no maintainer

20100506: AAC/ALAC detection conflict fixed (AUDPLUG-207)

 - FAILS: "xmp" package's plugin needs API update
 - plugin removed / no maintainer + bugs?
 - PASSES: .s3m handling conflict of adplug and audacious-plugin-xmp?
 - TODO: recheck conflict of multiple decoder plugins per file .ext
 - FAILS: multiple plugins for .m4a / conflict between -ffaudio and -aac
   plugins for AAC and ALAC files