Using the b43-fwcutter tool to install Broadcom firmware -------------------------------------------------------- The b43 and b43legacy drivers included in the kernel require firmware images to load onto a Broadcom wireless device in order to make them function. These firmware images can be extracted from any of a number of driver binaries released for OSX, Windows, or Linux. The following URL (taken from the README file) points to sources of firmware images which are known to work with these drivers: Pleae note that the b43legacy driver requires "version 3" firmware, while the b43 driver requires "version 4" firmware. Once you have obtained the source of the appropriate firmware, run the command below as root. Be sure to replace '<DRIVERFILE>' with the actual name of the source file (e.g. wl_apsta.o): b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware <DRIVERFILE> The command above will extract the firmware to the appropriate location for loading by the driver as necessary.