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 A. Put them in `~/.bash_completion`, which is parsed at the end of the
    main completion script. See also the next question.

+**Q. How can I override a completion shipped by bash-completion?**
+A. Install a local completion of your own appropriately for the desired
+   command, and it will take precedence over the one shipped by us. See the
+   next answer for details where to install it, if you are doing it on per
+   user basis. If you want to do it system wide, you can install eagerly
+   loaded files in `compatdir` (see a couple of questions further down for
+   more info) and install a completion for the commands to override
+   completions shipped by us.
+   If you want to use bash's default completion instead of one of ours,
+   something like this should work (where `$cmd` is the command to override
+   completion for): `complete -o default -o bashdefault $cmd`
+**Q. Where should I install my own local completions?**
+A. Put them in the `completions` subdir of `$BASH_COMPLETION_USER_DIR`
+   (defaults to `$XDG_DATA_HOME/bash-completion` or
+    `~/.local/share/bash-completion`
+   if `$XDG_DATA_HOME` is not set) to have them loaded on demand.
+   See also the next question's answer for considerations for these
+   files' names, they apply here as well. Alternatively, you can write
+   them directly in `~/.bash_completion` which is loaded eagerly by
+   our main script.
 **Q. I author/maintain package X and would like to maintain my own
    completion code for this package. Where should I put it to be sure
    that interactive bash shells will find it and source it?**