Using the bcm43xx-fwcutter tool to install Broadcom firmware in Fedora. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- To use the bcm43xx driver which is part of the Fedora kernel, you need to extract the firmware which is part of the official MacOS, Windows, or Linux drivers. If your Fedora installation is dual-booting with MacOS or Windows, then you probably already have a suitable driver available. Otherwise, the README file contains a number of links from which you can download drivers. It shouldn't matter which one you use -- the kernel's bcm43xx driver ought to work with all of them. Having obtained the file from which you wish to extract the firmware, run this command as root. Replace '<DRIVERFILE>' with the actual name of the file, of course: bcm43xx-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware <DRIVERFILE> This will save the various firmware files into the /lib/firmware directory, from where the kernel can load them when necessary.