BIND 9 development version

BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is a complete, highly portable implementation of the DNS (Domain Name System) protocol.

Internet Systems Consortium (, a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation dedicated to providing software and services in support of the Internet infrastructure, developed BIND 9 and is responsible for its ongoing maintenance and improvement.

This package provides development build of unstable development branches. It will contain more changes but more often broken backward compatibility. Use bind package to get more stable and production oriented tool.

More details about upstream project can be found on their gitlab. This repository contains only upstream sources and packaging instructions for Fedora Project.


The package contains several subpackages, some of them can be disabled on rebuild.

  • bind9-next -- named daemon providing DNS server
  • bind9-next-utils -- set of tools to analyse DNS responses or update entries (dig, host)
  • bind9-next-doc -- documentation for current bind, BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual.
  • bind9-next-license -- Shared license for all packages but bind-export-libs.
  • bind9-next-libs -- Shared libraries used by some others programs
  • bind9-next-devel -- Development headers for libs. Can be disabled by --without DEVEL

Optional features

  • GSSTSIG -- Support for Kerberos authentication in BIND.
  • LMDB -- Support for dynamic database for managing runtime added zones. Provides faster removal of added zone with much less overhead. But requires lmdb linked to base libs.
  • DLZ -- Support for dynamic loaded modules providing support for features bind-sdb provides, but only small module is required.