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# Note - this is an rpm spec file, but it has been renamed in order to avoid
# conflict with the real binutils.spec file.
# Its only use is to build a set of cross-binutils rpms by putting it into
# the SPECS directory of an rpmbuild tree, installing the binutils source
# rpm into the SOURCES directory and then running:
#    rpmbuild -bb spec.binutils.cross

Summary: A meta collection of GNU binutils executables for cross builds
Name: cross-binutils
License: GPLv3+

# Configurable settings - adjust to match your needs:

Version: 2.30
Release: 89.el8

# The list of cross architectures to build.
# Note: this list assumes that we are building on an x86_64-linux-gnu host.

%define arch_list  aarch64-linux-gnu  ppc64le-linux-gnu  s390x-linux-gnu


%define binutils_source_rpm   binutils-%{version}-%{release}.src.rpm

Source: %{binutils_source_rpm}

# Provides: bundled(libiberty)

BuildRequires: autoconf automake
BuildRequires: perl, sed, coreutils
BuildRequires: gcc, bison
BuildRequires: gettext, flex, zlib-devel
BuildRequires: findutils, texinfo
BuildRequires: dejagnu, zlib-static, glibc-static, sharutils, bc
# BuildRequires: elfutils-debuginfod-client-devel
BuildRequires: rpm-build


Provides a collection of cross built binutils for the targets
supported by RHEL (aarch64, ppc64le, s390x).



# Install the binutils sources.
rpm -ivh %{_sourcedir}/%{binutils_source_rpm}

# Build each set of cross binutils individually.
for f in %{arch_list}; do
  rpmbuild -bb --define "binutils_target $f" %{_specdir}/binutils.spec --without testsuite --without gold

* Wed Nov 11 2020 Nick Clifton  <> - 2.35.1-14
- First release of cross binutils rpm.