#8 Introduce kernel rebuild CI test.
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@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ 

  decision_context: bodhi_update_push_stable

  subject_type: koji_build


-   - !PassingTestCaseRule {test_case_name: fedora-ci.koji-build.tier0.functional}

+   - !PassingTestCaseRule {test_case_name: baseos-qe.koji-build.scratch-build.validation}

  --- !Policy


    - rhel-9

Introduce baseos-qe.koji-build.scratch-build.validation as a new
gating test for binutils. The test makes sure that the binutils
update under test doesn't break the kernel build process. The
testing kernel build happens in koji in a side-tag buildroot
containing the binutils build under test.

The source code of this new testcase lives here:

In case of a failure that is considered a false positive, the test
result can be waived using Bodhi this way:

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  • Use baseos-qe.koji-build.scratch-build.validation as gating.
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