1953b0 auto-import changelog data from blt-2.4-0.fdr.9.z.rh80.src.rpm

Authored and Committed by cvsextras 14 years ago
    auto-import changelog data from blt-2.4-0.fdr.9.z.rh80.src.rpm
    - in build requirements, work around tcl-devel and tk-devel packages non
        existence in RH 8.0 and 9
    - disabled %_smp_mflags in make stage
    - escaped percent characters in change log
    - in installation stage, removed some leftover copies in parent directory
        which left dirt in BUILD directory
    - changed release tag from 0.fdr.0.X.z to 0.fdr.X.z as this is a post
    - use "download.sourceforge.net/..." instead of
        "prdownloads.sourceforge.net/..." to make URLs directly downloadable
    - removed AutoReqProv
    - used "%setup -q -n ..." to remove unnecessary cd's.
    - no longer override $RPM_OPT_FLAGS
    - used %_prefix instead of %_usr
    - added -p argument to install and cp to preserve timestamps
    - replaced %__cp and %__install by cp and install
    - fixed URL to point to sourceforge project page as homepage is empty
    - no longer use RPM_OPT_FLAGS in CFLAGS as make argument as %configure
        already handles it
    - removed RCS line
    - set Epoch to 0 and removed it from Release.rh80
    - used a full macroless URL to the source tarball and patches
    - removed Packager (not used in Fedora)
    - used rm instead of %__rm macro
    - used SMP flags in make stage
    - checked with rpmlint and improved accordingly.
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