e04c03 patchs for CVEs

Authored and Committed by ktdreyer 5 years ago
    patchs for CVEs
    - Patch for CVE-2014-2708 SQL injection issues in graph_xport.php
      (RHBZ #1084258)
    - Patch for CVE-2014-2709 shell escaping issues in lib/rrd.php
      (RHBZ #1084258)
    - Patch for CVE-2014-2326 stored XSS attack (RHBZ #1082122)
    - Patch for CVE-2014-2327 missing CSRF token (RHBZ #1082122)
    - Patch for CVE-2014-2328 use of exec-like function calls without safety
      checks allow arbitrary command execution (RHBZ #1082122)
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