a2598f New snapshot (20150105gitfe44633e0ca52), drop NoDisplay.

Authored and Committed by Kevin Kofler 4 years ago
    New snapshot (20150105gitfe44633e0ca52), drop NoDisplay.
    * Sat Jan 10 2014 Kevin Kofler <kevin@tigcc.ticalc.org> - 0.17.0-6.20150105gitfe44633e0ca52
    - New snapshot, improves the partitioning interface and updates translations
    - Point URL to http://calamares.io/
    - default-settings patch: Enable the packages module, make it remove calamares
    - desktop-file patch: Remove the NoDisplay=true line, unneeded with the above
    - Requires: dnf or yum depending on the Fedora version, for the packages module
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