#1 Update Makefile.linux
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@


  SRCS    = calendar.c io.c day.c pesach.c ostern.c paskha.c

  OBJS    = $(SRCS:.c=.o)

- INTER   = de_DE.ISO_8859-1 hr_HR.ISO_8859-2 ru_RU.KOI8-R fr_FR.ISO8859-1

+ INTER   = de_DE.UTF-8 hr_HR.UTF-8 ru_RU.UTF-8 fr_FR.UTF-8


  all: calendar


calendar doesn't work as expected when using fr_FR locale, here is the error msg:

$ export LANG=fr_FR ; calendar
calendar: /usr/libexec/tradcpp: No such file or directory

In fact, calendar can't access files into the French directory, it should be named fr_FR.UTF-8, but is currently packaged as fr_FR.ISO8859-1, same issue for de_DE, hr_HR, ru_RU.

Nice catch, I just verified your fix locally on my F30 system.

Can you do one thing to the PR? Can you update the spec file to increment the Release number and add a %changelog entry explaining your fix?


I was a bit lazy, I created another Pull Request with Release increment
and %changelog entry instead of editing the PR #1.

So actually, as the PR #1 is not merged, the Makefile.linux INTER field
still contains wrong locales.

I see what happened here. Well, next time just make sure to make the spec file change as well so it's all together as one PR. I will fix this up manually. Thank you for the fix.

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