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%global		module		Dip

%if 0%{?fedora} > 21
%global		with_asl	1
%global		with_asl	0
%global		with_mpi	0

Name:		coin-or-%{module}
Group:		Applications/Engineering
Summary:	Decomposition for Integer Programming
Version:	0.91.2
Release:	4%{?dist}
License:	EPL
BuildRequires:	atlas-devel
BuildRequires:	blas-devel
BuildRequires:	bzip2-devel
BuildRequires:	coin-or-Alps-devel
BuildRequires:	coin-or-Cbc-devel
BuildRequires:	coin-or-Cgl-devel
BuildRequires:	coin-or-Clp-devel
BuildRequires:	coin-or-CoinUtils-devel
%if %{with_mpi}
BuildRequires:	coin-or-Ipopt-openmpi-devel
BuildRequires:	coin-or-Ipopt-devel
BuildRequires:	coin-or-Osi-devel
BuildRequires:	glpk-devel
BuildRequires:	lapack-devel
%if %{with_asl}
BuildRequires:	mp-devel
%if %{with_mpi}
BuildRequires:	openmpi-devel
BuildRequires:	scalapack-openmpi-devel
BuildRequires:	openssh-clients
BuildRequires:	pkgconfig
BuildRequires:	readline-devel
BuildRequires:	zlib-devel

# Install documentation in standard rpm directory
Patch0:		%{name}-docdir.patch

# Bad #define generated if svnversion is available
Patch1:		%{name}-svnversion.patch

DIP (Decomposition for Integer Programming) is an open-source extensible
software framework for implementing decomposition-based bounding algorithms
for use in solving large-scale discrete optimization problems. The framework
provides a simple API for experimenting with various decomposition-based
algorithms, such as Dantzig-Wolfe decomposition, Lagrangian relaxation,
and various cutting plane methods. Given a compact formulation and a
relaxation, the framework takes care of all algorithmic details associated
with implementing any of a wide range of decomposition-based algorithms,
such as branch and cut, branch and price, branch and cut and price,
subgradient-based Lagrangian relaxation, branch and relax and cut, and
decompose and cut. The user can specify customizations, such as methods
for generating valid inequalities and branching, in terms of the variables
of the compact formulation, without having to worry about the details of
any required reformulations.

%package	devel
Summary:	Development files for %{name}
Group:		Development/Libraries
Requires:	coin-or-CoinUtils-devel
Requires:	%{name}%{?_isa} = %{version}-%{release}

%description	devel
The %{name}-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use %{name}.

%setup -q -n %{module}-%{version}
%patch0 -p1
%patch1 -p1

%if %{with_mpi}
%configure --enable-openmp	\
%if %{with_asl}
	--with-asl-lib="-lasl -lmp -lipoptamplinterface -lbonminampl" \

# Kill rpaths
sed -i 's|^hardcode_libdir_flag_spec=.*|hardcode_libdir_flag_spec=""|g' libtool
sed -i 's|^runpath_var=LD_RUN_PATH|runpath_var=DIE_RPATH_DIE|g' libtool
make %{?_smp_mflags} all

make install DESTDIR=%{buildroot}
rm -f %{buildroot}%{_libdir}/*.la

%if %{with_mpi}
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=%{buildroot}%{_libdir} make test

%post -p /sbin/ldconfig

%postun -p /sbin/ldconfig

%license LICENSE

%files		devel

* Sat Jun 20 2015 pcpa <> - 0.91.2-4
- Full rebuild of coin-or stack.

* Wed Jun 17 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 0.91.2-3
- Rebuilt for

* Sat May 02 2015 Kalev Lember <> - 0.91.2-2
- Rebuilt for GCC 5 C++11 ABI change

* Mon Mar 23 2015 pcpa <> - 0.91.2-1
- Update to latest upstream release.
- Rediff patches (#894602#c10)
- Use license macro (#894602#c10)

* Sat Feb 28 2015 pcpa <> - 0.91.1-1
- Update to latest upstream release.

* Mon Apr 21 2014 pcpa <> - 0.9.9-2
- Disable python subpackage, it should be packaged separately (#894602#c4).

* Sat Apr 19 2014 pcpa <> - 0.9.9-1
- Update to latest upstream release.
- Create new python subpackage.

* Fri Nov  1 2013 pcpa <> - 0.9.4-1
- Update to latest upstream release.

* Mon Jan 14 2013 pcpa <> - 0.83.2-4
- Update to run make check (#894610#c4).

* Sat Jan 12 2013 pcpa <> - 0.83.2-3
- Rename repackaged tarball.

* Sun Nov 18 2012 pcpa <> - 0.83.2-2
- Rename package to coin-or-Dip.
- Do not package Thirdy party data or data without clean license.

* Sat Sep 29 2012 pcpa <> - 0.83.2-1
- Initial coinor-Dip spec.