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Improve the documentation that will be installed in the mysql-test RPM.

diff -Naur mysql-5.5.20.orig/mysql-test/README mysql-5.5.20/mysql-test/README
--- mysql-5.5.20.orig/mysql-test/README	2011-12-16 14:52:05.000000000 -0500
+++ mysql-5.5.20/mysql-test/README	2012-02-10 17:06:19.531082253 -0500
@@ -1,14 +1,26 @@
 This directory contains a test suite for the MySQL daemon. To run
-the currently existing test cases, simply execute ./mysql-test-run in
-this directory. It will fire up the newly built mysqld and test it.
+the currently existing test cases, execute ./mysql-test-run in
+this directory.
-Note that you do not have to have to do "make install", and you could
-actually have a co-existing MySQL installation. The tests will not
-conflict with it.
-All tests must pass. If one or more of them fail on your system, please
-read the following manual section for instructions on how to report the
+For use in Red Hat distributions, you should run the script as user mysql,
+so the best bet is something like
+	cd /usr/share/mysql-test
+	sudo -u mysql ./mysql-test-run --skip-test-list=platform-specific-tests.list
+This will use the installed mysql executables, but will run a private copy
+of the server process (using data files within /usr/share/mysql-test),
+so you need not start the mysqld service beforehand.
+The "--skip-test-list=platform-specific-tests.list" option excludes tests that are
+known to fail on one or more Red-Hat-supported platforms.  You can omit it
+if you want to check whether such failures occur for you.  Documentation
+about the reasons for omitting such tests can be found in the file
+To clean up afterwards, remove the created "var" subdirectory, eg
+	sudo -u mysql rm -rf /usr/share/mysql-test/var
+If one or more tests fail on your system, please read the following manual
+section for instructions on how to report the problem:
@@ -25,7 +37,8 @@
 With no test cases named on the command line, mysql-test-run falls back
 to the normal "non-extern" behavior. The reason for this is that some
-tests cannot run with an external server.
+tests cannot run with an external server (because they need to control the
+options with which the server is started).
 You can create your own test cases. To create a test case, create a new