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%global _description\
Schemas for messages sent by Copr project, as described on \
fedora-messaging documentation page \ \
Package also provides several convenience methods for working with \
copr messages.

Name:       copr-messaging
Version:    0.6
Release:    1%{?dist}
Summary:    Abstraction for Copr messaging listeners/publishers

License:    GPLv2+

# Source is created by:
# git clone %%url && cd copr
# tito build --tgz --tag %%name-%%version-%%release
Source0:    %name-%version.tar.gz

BuildArch:  noarch

Requires:      wget

BuildRequires: asciidoc
BuildRequires: libxslt
BuildRequires: util-linux

BuildRequires: python3-copr-common
BuildRequires: python3-devel
BuildRequires: python3-fedora-messaging
BuildRequires: python3-pytest
BuildRequires: python3-setuptools
BuildRequires: python3-sphinx

%description %_description

%package -n python3-%name
Summary: %summary
Provides: %name = %version
%{?python_provide:%python_provide python3-%{name}}

Requires: python3-copr-common
Requires: python3-fedora-messaging

%description -n python3-%name %_description

%package -n python3-%name-doc
Summary: Code documentation for copr messaging

%description -n python3-%name-doc %_description

This package contains documentation for copr-messaging.

%setup -q

PYTHONPATH=${PWD} sphinx-build-3 docs html
rm -rf html/.{doctrees,buildinfo}


./ -vv

%files -n python3-%name
%license LICENSE

%files -n python3-%name-doc
%license LICENSE
%doc html

* Tue Jun 21 2022 Jakub Kadlcik <> 0.6-1
- Adapt to the changed stomppy API

* Mon Nov 09 2020 Jakub Kadlcik <> 0.5-1
- explicitely requires python3-setuptools
- all: run pytest with -vv in package build
- pylint: sync all the pylintrc files
- pylint: run pylint in all run* files

* Thu Oct 03 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 0.4-1
- rename 'stomp_consumer' module to 'stomp'
- fix macros in comments

* Thu Jul 25 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 0.3-1
- mention how to create Source0 tarball

* Wed Jul 24 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 0.2-1
- apply review fixes (by Silvie)

* Wed Jul 17 2019 Pavel Raiskup <> 0.1-1
- copr_messaging: new package for working with copr messages