5fb9bc4 split package and provide coreutils-single

1 file Authored by pbrady 5 years ago , Committed by ovasik 5 years ago ,
    split package and provide coreutils-single
    Notes about coreutils:
     - Drops from 14.2MB to 5.5MB.
     - Still requires coreutils-common, though being separated
       allows for easier removal if required.
     - Explicitly conflicts with coreutils-single to avoid errant installs
    Notes about coreutils-single:
     - Contains a single multicall binary which is 1.2MB
     - Have to force install over any existing coreutils package
        so best used for initial install without existing coreutils package
     - Doesn't require (but suggests) coreutils-common
        so install that manually for docs, translations, and colors etc.
    Notes about coreutils-common:
     - 8.7MB
     - Having this split out gives an easy way to remove all
       docs and translations.
    Note RemovePathPostfixes: introduced with rpm 4.13
    is used to facilitate producing the two sets of conflicting binaries
    from the same build, while maintaining appropriate --fileprovide
    in each generated rpm.
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