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# Empty %postun
addFilter(r'W: empty-%postun')

# Spelling error init
addFilter(r'W: spelling-error %description -l en_US init')

# Spelling error corosync
addFilter(r'W: spelling-error .* (C|c)orosync')

# Spelling error votequorum and subprocesses
addFilter(r'corosync-vqsim\.[^:]+: W: spelling-error .* votequorum')
addFilter(r'corosync-vqsim\.[^:]+: W: spelling-error .* subprocesses')

# Repeated Corosync
addFilter(r'W: name-repeated-in-summary C Corosync')

# Explicit lib dependency - knet nss has been requested by QA,
# libxslt may be replaced with xsltproc binary
addFilter(r'corosync\.[^:]+: (E|W): explicit-lib-dependency libknet1-crypto-nss-plugin')
addFilter(r'corosync\.[^:]+: (E|W): explicit-lib-dependency libxslt')

# Dbus is not config file
addFilter(r'corosync\.[^:]+: (E|W): non-conffile-in-etc /etc/dbus-1/system\.d/corosync-signals\.conf')

# Logrotate is not requirement
addFilter(r'corosync\.[^:]+: (E|W): missing-dependency-to-logrotate')

# has no libc call
addFilter(r'corosynclib\.[^:]+: (E|W): library-not-linked-against-libc /usr/lib(64)?/libcorosync_common\.so')