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Cyrus IMAP autosievefolder patch

NOTE : This patch has been created at the University of Athens. For more info, as well 
as more patches on Cyrus IMAPD server, please visit 

  When the lmtpd daemon receives an email message prior to delivering it to the 
INBOX folder of the user, checks if the user has specified sieve filters. If the
user has specified sieve filters the filters are evaluated. If the message matches
any of the filters the action that is specified in the filter is executed. If the action 
is FileInto it is stored in the subfolder specified in the filter. If the 
subfolder doesn't exist then the message is sent to the INBOX folder of the user.

  With this patch if the folder doesn't exist AND the name of the subfolder is 
specified in the autosievefolders option, OR the anysievefolder is set to 
yes in the cyrus-imap configuration file then the subfolder is created and the mail 
is stored there.

Check the following options of the imapd.conf file

* anysievefolder : It must be "yes" in order to permit the autocreation of any 
INBOX subfolder requested by a sieve filter, through the "fileinto" action. (default = no)
* autosievefolders : It is a "|" separated list of subfolders of INBOX that will be 
automatically created, if requested by a sieve filter, through the "fileinto" 
action. (default = null)
	i.e. autosievefolders: Junk | Spam

WARNING: anysievefolder, takes precedence over autosievefolders . Which means that if 
anysievefolder is set to "yes", cyrus will create any INBOX subfolder requested, no-matter what the value of autosievefolders is.

Things to be done

1. Support cyrus wildcards in the autosievefolders option. 

For more information and updates please visit